Celebrate the End of Tax Day 2016 at Tenleytown Restaurants (Refund or Not!)

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Depending on how you filed, Tax Day 2016 (April 15) is a day to celebrate, just another day… or not such a great day.

Whatever you end up with after tax day this year, we want to help you get through it happily. That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite Tenleytown restaurants and divided them into three sections: splurge, spend normally, or scrimp, based on your tax status this year.

In any case, you deserve to celebrate for getting through another year of filing for good old Uncle Sam! Get ready for a much happier stomach thanks to these Tenleytown restaurants.

If You’re Expecting a Tax Refund

A Splurge-Worthy Meal at Matisse

Matisse (4934 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC)

Congratulations! You have a little influx of cash and you’re ready to celebrate. This probably means that you don’t have the right number of deductions—but let’s not think about that now! You can have your tax person handle it for next year. For now, get out and enjoy a meal at Matisse, a French cafe and restaurant at the north border of Tenleytown.

Start off your decadent dinner with a bottle of your favorite wine, then order up an appetizer: Ahi Tuna Tartar with champagne mango, avocado, and soy sauce to prime your taste buds ($15). If you’re with friends (or just feeling adventurous), you’ll probably also want to try the cornmeal crusted calamari with roasted red pepper aioli ($10). Next up, stay on the oceanic theme and order delicate seared Georges Banks sea scallops, paired with organic apples, yam puree, leeks, and a cabernet demi ($28). Top everything off with refreshing mango sorbet with grilled fresh mango and crystallized ginger ($9). This will ring up to a total of of $62, and a very happy stomach.

Meal cost: $62+tax and tip

If You Broke Even

A Yummy Middle-of-the-Road Meal at Cafe Ole

Cafe Ole (4000 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC)

Hey, you broke even! Congratulations. Get your friends together and go out to Cafe Ole to celebrate sensibly!

The subtitle may be a bit misleading: Cafe Ole’s food is anything but middle-of-the-road. What we’re referring to here is the price, which is reasonable for such gorgeous plates of Mediterranean food. Start off with tasty pomegranate martini ($9). Next, order up the Lebanese Celebration. Savor chicken, lebanese spices, lemon confit over bulgur topped with hummus, and lemon pepper aioli in one yummy bowl ($8). Still hungry? Get the mouthwatering lentil soup topped with garlic yogurt, sumac, and crispy onions ($5). You really can’t go wrong with anything on this menu—the only limit is your budget, and we trust you have it well under control.

Meal cost: $22+tax and tip (or $17 if you skip the soup)

If You Owe Money

A Delicious Value Meal at Crisp & Juicy

Crisp & Juicy (4533 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC)

Let’s face it—even if you lose money, you’re still happy to have made it through April 15. Next year, plan ahead a bit more so you don’t have to deal with the dreaded post-tax-day budget blues! Celebrate the end of tax season with the finest Peruvian comfort food you’ve ever had at Crisp & Juicy.

Order the charbroiled chicken. It’s the absolute best—and fits their name to a “T.” Of course, you also can’t leave without trying their sweet plantains and rice and beans. Don’t worry about the cost—you can get all of the above when you order the chicken platter for $7.80 (dark meat chicken) or $8.30 (white meat chicken). It isn’t the most beautiful restaurant, but you can always order takeout and trek home to enjoy the food from the comfort of your own couch.

Meal cost: $8.30+tax and tip


There you have it—the most delicious ways to spend Tax Day, hands down. Hey, if you haven’t filed taxes yet, get on it! There are restaurants that are just waiting for you in Tenleytown.

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