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Whether you’re a freshman or a grad student at American University in DC, you know how important it is to establish your best study spot early on. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck in a less-than-ideal situation when American University finals roll around.

We all have our own needs when it comes to studying. Some of us need pin-drop silence. Others crave the ambiance of a noisy coffee shop. Still others do the best cramming from cushy chairs.

Regardless of your study requirements, a good study spot should boost your efficiency and be close to AU (bonus points if it’s accessible via the AU Shuttle). Your best bet is to scout the following study spots and choose a few favorites you can rely on to fit your personal study requirements. What are you waiting for? If you still don’t have a go-to study spot (or you’re seeking out a new one), there’s no time like the present!

Get out there this month and pull all nighters/drink tons of coffee study!

Crack the Books at AU Campus Study Spots

The American University Site details some really great places to study—particularly the ones on campus! If you’re pretty new to the university, you probably really enjoy using the wireless connectivity all over campus. However, you may not have taken advantage of that wireless connection outside of a few select spots. Here are several of many on-campus study sites to check out, organized by offerings. NOTE: spaces below are only accessible by AU students or those with AU ID cards. Spaces open to the public are noted.

Quiet or Traditional Study Spaces

Coffeeshop Study Spaces

Naturally Lit/Outdoor Study Spaces

Specialized/Other Spots

Cram With Caffeine at Coffee Shops Near AU

If you find yourself in last-minute study sessions, you know that caffeine is nearly a requirement. Those who don’t drink coffee—drink black tea. You’ll need it. We’ve listed a few great spots that aren’t too far from American University where you can soften the blow of stressful cram sessions with delicious caffeinated beverages. Sure, you could make coffee at home, or get it on campus. This list is for those who are so exhausted they can’t muster up the strength (or they just need an off-campus breather).

Snack & Study at Restaurants Close to AU

Feeling a rumble in your stomach that no amount of coffeehouse pastries can calm? Head to one of the nearby spots, and get some fuel for your brain. While Panera is a great place to snag a table near outlets and study onsite, Angelico pizza is a great choice if you’re studying from your apartment near AU and are craving something carb-y delivered right to your door. Scientists haven’t exactly proven that eating yummy paninis and sandwiches equals A+ grades, but we’re willing to bet it will make you feel much happier along the way. (And we’ll be waiting for that study.)

Get Inspired Before Exams at Churches Near AU

If you’ve never studied in an old-school church before, you probably don’t live in DC (yet). Get into the zone in a quiet, classic environment that will have you feeling zen even during intense hours of studying. It’s worth noting that Open City is actually a rather popular cafe attached to a church, and you’ll find a small assortment of seating options, from a comfy couch to the ubiquitous long table. Just make sure you bring headphones if you’re easily distracted, as the noise level fluctuates throughout the day (and depending how many excited cathedral-visiting tourists are onsite).

Study Al Fresco Around AU

When the weather’s nice, there’s nothing better than laying on the grass and soaking up the sun at Fort Reno Park while studying. Just make sure you don’t forget your blanket, sunscreen, bug spray, water, and snacks! If you’re in need of a walking break, head to one of the following spots close to AU:

There you have it—plenty of study spots to explore and love. Did we skip your favorite spot? Share it in the comments!

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