Safety First! The 4 Most Helpful Tips for Biking in DC

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Safety First! The 4 Most Helpful Tips for Biking in DC

One of the most fun ways to acquaint yourself with any area is to go for a bike ride around town. Biking lets you see the city up close and personal, and it allows you to explore large sections of the neighborhood at your own pace. It’s also a great way to exercise, commute, or simply get outside for some fresh air!

Bicycle safety should be your top priority whenever you hit the road. Proper preparation and equipment can go a long way! Check out these tips for safe biking in DC:

1. Learn the Road Rules for Biking in DC

Bicycles have their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to traffic safety. Be sure to learn DC’s bike laws so that you know what you’re required to do as a biker in Tenleytown. For example, you’ll want to know things like who has the right-of-way in different situations, requirements for lights and helmets, and other safety awareness.

Learning these points ahead of time can prevent both accidents and traffic citations. An especially important thing to know is that bicyclists must ride WITH traffic; riding the wrong-way down a street is a leading cause of bike accidents.

Safety First! The 4 Most Helpful Tips for Biking in DC


2. Have the Proper Safety Gear

For full bike safety, make sure you and your loved ones are equipped with all the proper bicycle safety gear. This includes: helmets and pads, reflector vests for night, and all the proper lights on your bike. Other items such as gloves, biking shoes, and biking clothing may be optional but they can increase your comfort and safety.

Also, be sure to use the correct bike for the appropriate biking style—if you’re going off-road, make sure your bike has the proper frame, tires, and other out-fittings. A less burly bike is fine for city cruising.

3. Keep Your Bike Well Maintained

Don’t ride your bike unless it’s in tip-top operating condition. Accidents often occur because a biker chose to ride even though something was off with their bike. Even something as seemingly insignificant as a loose seat can be a contributing factor for an accident.

If your bike needs repair, there are plenty of bike repair shops and services in DC, such as Bicycle Space. If you need a bike on the go, check out Capital Bikeshare, DC’s bike rental program. The city provides thousands of ready-to-go bikes for the public to rent at hundreds of stations across DC.

Safety First! The 4 Most Helpful Tips for Biking in DC

4. Try Electric Biking in DC!

Fatigue is a contributing factor in many bicycle accidents, especially those involving hills and other similar road conditions. A new development in the bike industry is the electric bike, or e-bike, which takes much of the pedaling work off of you. Note that e-bikes don’t drive or power the bike for you; instead, they provide electric power assistance for your pedaling, allowing you to travel farther with less energy, which is especially useful for longer rides.

Check out Tenleytown’s own ElectriCity Bikes to try one out for yourself! These are great for commuters and those who love long-distance biking in DC.

We know you’ll enjoy biking in one of America’s most eco-friendly and fitness-conscious cities. Do you want to live in the heart of one of D.C.’s most bike-able neighborhoods? Check out Tenley View, an upscale apartment located conveniently in Tenleytown. We have floor plans for everyone, luxurious amenities, and an unbeatable location.

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